Selasa, 04 September 2012

0 Please forgive me...

When the approach of midnight nearby me
Iam not in the grip of canar desire
Couse the actuary of heaven will comes nearly
I'll be in my god

I kept my body around human being
And i look up to the sky
I see the amazemant of god's creation

I fell the blow power of him
Starting to send me sprawling

Iam quietest without words
But my heart stays in delibaration with him
The indication that iam surely with him
No one except us together

The delibaration between me and him
Occupies one hour and half

My soul raises a hue and cries
Than i get my tears damp all my holly perform ritual prayers
That remind me in the day
I was under the influence of canal desire

These tears flow and flow again
I cannot kept them any way

O0hhh my lord......
Please forgive me
Iam just slave without power
Iam nothing without you
You are my every thing

I rely my life on you
All that i have done in my life
Solely just for you

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